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About us

When we opened in 1978, we were the first Indian / Pakistani restaurant in Denmark to offer dishes prepared according to the country's original traditional recipes. The taste experience you can enjoy in our restaurant today is therefore based on an uncompromising approach to the world-famous food tradition in Indian / Pakistani cuisine and from 38 years of experience with oriental dishes in Denmark. Sahil has been repeatedly nominated as the country's best Indian / Pakistani restaurant by leading experts in the restaurant industry.


In India and Pakistan, curry is made from scratch, as a mixture of many different spices such as. bay leaves, fennel, cumin, coriander, cardamom, turmeric, chili ginger and garlic. Curry differs from season to season, region to region, home to home and right to right. Our chef is known for his special curry, which can be both strong and mild. But as a rule, the dishes are served spiced. We can prepare the food exactly according to their wishes, also in relation to allergens.


Bon appetite.

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